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5 Reasons You Should Drink Cold-Pressed Juice

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1.   High in Vitamins and Nutrients

Juice is chock full of healthy vitamins that your body needs to function throughout the day. Any juice that is 100% natural comes with its own unique health benefits that can add rich nutrients to your body to detoxify your system. From citrus fruits like lemons and oranges that are high in vitamin C to blends having leafy greens that are high in potassium, drinking your fruits and vegetables all guarantees that you will get enough vitamins for the day.

2.   Promotes Weight Loss

Drinking natural juice in general is a great and healthy way to lose weight. Most juices have enough vegetables and fruit packed into them so that even if you drink a small amount your body will naturally feel full. Fruit and vegetables are also naturally low calorie! So you can make your body feel great without adding any extra weight by juicing.

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3.   Better Protects and Preserves Nutrients

The combination of excessive heat and force oxidation that come from the rapidly spinning blades of a blender make your average “fresh squeezed” juice less nutrient rich than the cold-pressed process. It turns out that giving the produce a nice, good, hydraulically pressurized compression is the best way to keep 100% of the good vitamins and nutrients while keeping that great taste.

4.   Rich in Enzymes

Fresh squeezed fruit juice has naturally occurring enzymes that you won’t see in regular processed juice at your grocery. These enzymes are absorbed into your body in the same way as vitamins are and are important in fortifying your body and help digestion. They are necessary for digesting food, stimulating the brain, providing cellular energy, and for repairing all tissue.

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5.   May Slow Aging

When you don’t eat fruits and vegetables you miss out on one major component of wellness: antioxidants. Antioxidants help prevent your body from oxidation – which is what contributes to cellular functional impairment. In some studies antioxidants have been linked to fighting cancer, diabetes, heart disease and more. With all the benefits, you might as well just drink your veggies.

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